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Lamborghini Aventador lure Performante test here.

Lamborghini Aventador has never been left want performance. When opening the LP featured 700-4 690 HP launch, kept under control with a Haldex all-wheel drive and the transmission clutch single 7-speed. Later improvements, such as the 720-4 and the 750-4 LP LP SuperVeloce 710 and 740 HP respectively store the Aventador is associated as a rival company, Ferrari and McLaren announced a new version of the competition in the form of 488 GTB and 730 horsepower 740-4 S 720S comes to 2016, LP with four wheel steering and brakes, carbon, ceramic, standard complete. Photos of the mask have spotted the car on the highway-the Aventador in Europe has nothing to with, however, if there is a belief that the Lamborghini supercar — which sold more than 5,000 units of which there are still some left-twisting performance before a subsequent five to six years.

Instagram users upload photos Lamborghini_dutch your car with a shy Aventador but instead sports the color of the fruits of this blanket in the Aventador is a black-and-white test mules and camouflage of the automobile sport aerodynamic and mechanical details not found on any of the previous car.

The first thing to note is the collapse of two opposite side of diffuser designed the hexagonal exhaust exits on the single featured on the LP 700-4 see below.

Autoblog spotted Mule Aventador installed similarly in September and caused the rumors of the Aventador Performante claimed parity between the exhaust and the exhaust of the testbed Huracan Performante.

Aerodynamic features several differences from the LP 700-4 too extended extended Diffuser like the original impeller with a filter view of the attack and the medium-dip found on the Aventador is replaced with something similar there bear shape style spoiler. Small tail or fin-like structures can be understood as well, similar to that seen in formula 1 cars and the LMP1.


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